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Welcome to is the free online stampcatalogue for stamps from the whole world.

What does Freestampcatalogue contain?

• A free world catalogue with virtually every stamp/series/block from 1920 to date
• Additionally, many countries with stamps pre-1920
• A catalogue for each country
• 250 different topics
• Filter function to help find desired combination
• Always free-to-use Freestampcatalogue numbers
• With in-stock items also numbers for other leading catalogues displayed
• Every week new issues are added
• Stocked items can be ordered direct from PostBeeld
• Displayed prices are actual selling prices
• Free wish-list facility

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What does Freestampcatalogue not contain?

Exemptions, mini sheets, misprints, stamp booklets, stamps from series, etc. (some of which are still visible when you click on 'related products' - this, however, is not a complete list) Not officially-issued stamps and 'cinderellas'. Recently issued stamps from the following countries, which have, over recent years, adopted an extreme policy of frequently issuing new stamps: Burundi, Central Africa, Comoros, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea-Bissau, Rep. Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Maldives, Mozambique, Niger, Saint Thomas, Solomon Islands, Togo, Uganda and Grenadines of St Vincent.

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10c, Stamp out of set

lnn0006, Nicaragua, 1869

2,00 €
Neuf avec charnière
45,00 €
Neuf avec charnière

1Sh 6p, Stamp out of set

ltz0082, Ile de Tristan da Cunha, 1965

4,00 €
Neuf sans charnière

Mechanical spinning 1v

snp0113, Népal, 1959

0,60 €
Neuf sans charnière

Islamic art 3v

smi0242, Mali, 1970

3,50 €
Neuf sans charnière

Airmail definitives 9v

sum0040, Emirat Oumm al Qaïwaïn, 1965

7,00 €
Neuf sans charnière

King Victor Emanuel II, 20Gr.

sit0007, Italie, 1861

225,00 €
Neuf avec charnière

Definitives booklet (with staple)

snepz22d, Pays-Bas, 1935

45,00 €
Neuf sans charnière

Illustrated Postcard (Lenin, blackviolet)

ssqp3a, Russie, Union Soviétique, 1924

150,00 €
Entier postal neuf

Mushrooms 5 m/s, clear-coated paper

ssq2383yk, Russie, Union Soviétique, 1964

180,00 €
Neuf sans charnière

European council 1v

scg0929, Chypre, 1999

1,00 €
Neuf sans charnière

Gemini V s/s imperforated

sprb078, Paraguay, 1966

18,00 €
Neuf sans charnière
10,00 €
Neuf sans charnière
10,00 €
Neuf sans charnière
10,00 €
Neuf sans charnière